A third of "healthy" nursing home residents tested positive for covid-19

A third of "healthy" nursing home residents tested positive for covid-19
Tests at two nursing homes in Stockholm showed that one third of the residents with no symptoms of coronavirus were in fact infected with covid-19.

This further confirms that people who seem to be healthy are carrying the virus, and Stefan Amér at the Familjeläkarna clinic says this should mean consequences for the care system.

His clinic is responsible for medical care at almost 200 nursing homes in Stockholm where elderly and frail people are looked after, and it is Stefan Amér’s staff who have carried out the recent tests at two such homes, where they tested all of the residents, not just the ones who showed symptoms.

At nursing homes, some suspected Covid-19 cases go untested

More elderly people in Sweden may have died with Covid-19 than stats from the Public Health Agency report. But officials say the true scale of the virus will remain unclear for some time.

Swedish Radio News reports that the ongoing shortage of reagents, substances required to carry out tests, has forced some counties to limit who gets checked for the virus in care homes, with testing routines varying from county to county.

As a result, not all suspected cases are tested. And since daily death tallies don’t included presumed cases, some deaths linked to the coronavirus may be missed in the public statistics.

Health and social care inspectorate to carry out extra elderly care home checks

The health and social care inspectorate (IVO) is to carry out extra checks of all elderly care homes in the country in response to the number of reported infections and deaths linked to Covid-19, Swedish Radio News reports.

At the beginning of April, more than 400 people were infected by covid-19 at elderly homes in Stockholm alone.

The Swedish strategy of slowing down the spread of the coronavirus has centred on trying to protect the elderly and other risk groups from the virus. The government has banned all visits to care homes.

Source: Swedish Radio

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