By Johan Bergendorff in Uppsala

Are we all functionally varied ? asks an Opp

Are we all functionally varied ? asks an Opp
The Foreign Chronicle published an OPP for debate from Uppsala. Here is an approximate translation of the short essay.

What’s in a name? wondering Julia’s name in William Shakespear’s famous play, roses smell as wonderful as we call them ... continues Julia.
But if you work with words - it is not as easy to ignore accepted concepts, or new words that penetrate because the old ones feel hurtful.
I read a submitter in the morning newspaper from 90-year-old Lennart Forsfält, former handicap expert at the Swedish National Agency for Education. He thinks that politicians and media have started to use the word function-varied more and more often and are afraid that it is new language to la George Orwells 1984. A function-varied person is just a variant of all people and can do the best it can without extra efforts.
The word function-varied I wrestled with when I was to report on how the UK mounted the right to personal assistance for people with disabilities. This in the light of the great concern many Swedish parents felt after the LSS investigation was presented. Will my child no longer be helped to participate in society?
In London, I meet a descendant of William, Professor Tom Shakespeare, dwarfist and wheelchair. He is a world-renowned disability researcher and last year was at Uppsala University. It was very interesting, he thought. Because when he was going to roll up for the long hill to the Carolina Rediviva library, no one offered him help, each and every other British doing so that he was forced to guard himself at home in London.
Few met his gaze, and Tom Shakspeare, an anthropologist, does not believe that Swedes are unfriendly, but individualistic and private, do not want to penetrate. It may be perceived as offensive by an unqualified helping hand, Tom Shakspeare thinks? In the same way that the word function-variable can breathe anxiety to offend anyone?
My radio colleague Katarina Hahr has learned a lot about the conditions of the disabled. She is blind, myself I am a bit old-aged. While I can buy reading glasses at the station, Katarina Hahr cannot work and do her interviews with well-known people about important topics without personal assistance or a computer that talks when she edits sounds. Are we both functionally varied? For me, there is a risky relativization of people’s disability hidden in that word.
I also read in the newspaper that the number of people in Sweden with disabilities who have the compensation for personal assistants is the lowest in twelve years. Another new word strikes me then - function law. The human right to a society designed for everyone regardless of their ability to function. A utopia maybe? But that word fills me in any case with power.

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