A serious warning

Brexit warning of terror and crime fades

Brexit warning of terror and crime fades
CRIME Terrorism and organized crime run the risk of a severe Brexit, the British government warns

The United Kingdom could immediately lose access to EU common systems on serious criminals and terrorists.

Terror experts tone down the threat for Swedish.

We heard about the risk of food, gasoline and medication shortages at a contractless Brexit on October 31st.

But a "no deal" mode can also pose serious security risks.

The UK risks being expelled overnight from important EU judicial and police systems, according to a report by the country’s government.

It is expected to increase the risk of terrorism and organized crime.

These include, for example, Schengen’s border control information system, passenger register, the European arrest warrant and prison transfers.

This can be problematic, according to Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorist researcher at the Swedish Defense College.

Obviously you lose important puzzle pieces. Every piece of information can be of great importance, he says.

But at the same time he fades down the risks.

The British authorities already have access to a number of other tools for detecting security threats and serious crime, Ranstorp points out.

They have their own border control and they also have access to intelligence systems in collaboration with other countries that are worldwide.

There are layers upon layer of information flows that make them not blind.

Conversely, there has been a concern within the EU to lose sight of Britain’s security skills in, for example, intelligence and counter-terrorism.

But neither is there any major cause for concern, Ranstorp believes.

Sweden and many other EU countries have a well-oiled cooperation between their intelligence and security services and the corresponding UK authorities and what I can see will not be affected by Brexit.

Increased bureaucracy

Hans Brun, an analyst at the Center for Asymmetric Threat and Terrorism Studies at the Swedish National Defense College, makes the same assessment.

People from the London Police I talked to are sure to say that if it becomes a hard Brexit without a deal, we already have good bilateral cooperation with the most important countries in Europe.

And Sweden is one of those countries, of course, ”he says.

One example is the police checks of passenger lists on flights, which can give warnings about everything from football hooligans to terrorists.

There are channels and contacts between Swedish and British police so that information can be exchanged quickly.

They have been established for a long time and those contacts will continue, they are not dependent on the EU, says Hans Brun.

Rather, the concern concerns increased bureaucracy and longer processing times.

One example is the European Arrest Warrant System, which allows EU countries to hand over suspected criminals among themselves.

There is a risk that the processes can become considerably more complicated and lengthy.

Source: TT/ kuriren.nu

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