COVID-19 news - Sweden

COVID-19 news - Sweden

Healthcare workers worry as coronavirus cases continue to mount

* Many say they are already worn down by the pandemic from the spring and summer, when thousands fell ill or died after testing positive for the disease.
* With hospitalizations on the rise, they now fear a repeat of what happened then.
* "I see from my colleagues that everyone is very fragile," said Annelie Ryberg, a nurse from Borås, western Sweden.

Covid-19 spreading in care homes again

Covid-19 is once again spreading rapidly in the care homes for the elderly. Over 400 people in care homes tested positive for Covid-19 last week, according to Swedish Radio News.

That is almost twice as many as the week before.

The virus is spreading widely in society, and the elderly care in Sweden is part of society... It is very very difficult to completely lock the virus out,"
Greger Bengtsson, senior advisor on elderly care for SKR, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions.

The failure to keep the virus out of the homes for the elderly in the spring was described by the government as well as the Public Health Agency as the biggest failure of the Swedish Corona strategy and a reason why so many people have died here compared to neighbouring countries.

On Wednesday, Stockholm and Gothenburg municipalities re-introduced a visiting ban for homes for the elderly.

Government wants to ban alcohol sales after 10pm to curb corona

The government wants Swedish bars and restaurants to stop serving alcohol at 10 pm, and to close by 10.30pm, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announced today Wednesday, in an effort to fight a rising number of coronavirus cases nationwide.

The prime minister warns that unless everyone takes responsibility the future looks "pitch black".

Social Minister Lena Hallengren says that these new measures are being put in place as fewer people are following the recommendations than in the spring.

The proposed alcohol restrictions on bars, clubs and restaurants would apply to the end of February.

Source: Swedish Radio

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COVID-19 news - Sweden

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