fingers are pointed towards criminal gangs

Casualties in a shooting in southern Sweden

Casualties in a shooting in southern Sweden

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Malmo -

The aftermath of yesterday’s shooting in Malmo, the largest city in southern Sweden, continues in a dramatic momentum gained by the incidents of killings and shootings, which has become a feature of what observers see as a rift among criminal gangs in the city.

Observers believe that these events will increase the pressure on the next parliamentary elections that are only a few weeks away.

Eyewitnesses reported that the victims were sprayed with bullets when they left an Internet cafe, not far from a police station.

Three of the victims died and three have sustained serious injuries.

The criminal police, for their part, have begun their regular investigations. They are looking for pieces of evidence from the scene of the crime that could lead to solving the threads of this incident that shook the city. Although shooting incidents are not the exception in this southern city, but this incident has exceeded the previous lines: the scene of the crime, the time it was committed during the day, the intensity of the bullets used, and the number of casualties.

Malmö has seen increasing incidents of shootings that have claimed an increasing number of lives and caused injuries over recent years.

Politically, these incidents are seen as a major threat to the popularity of the ruling Social Democratic Party Sveriges socialdemokratiska arbetareparti, SAP, or S shortly which undoubtedly sees a steady decline in popularity compared with the rise of the Sweden Democrats Sverigedemokraterna, known shortly as SD.

SD IS a party that is seen as a hardliner against Immigrants, refugees, foreigners, followers of some religions such as Islam, and has even a special view of the EU.

Malmö is economically considered one of the cities with large percentage of low income workers, and increasing segments of society that suffer from several social problems, whether it is related to the integration, drug trafficking, drug use or organized crime.

It has become clear that the political class has become more aware of the seriousness of these escalating security events, which revealed clear problems in the social and security structure at several levels:

• On the one hand, these events may slip away and develop to a point where it becomes difficult to restrain or control
• On the other hand, these escalating events threaten to undermine the relative security that Sweden was seen enjoying, and it is gradually falling under the blows of the opposing gangs fighting for control of crime, smuggling and drug trade.
• The increase in the fire intensity indicates that the stockpile of firearms is not depleting any time soon, which may indicate strongly that arms smuggling is in full swing, with great risks in the future if this phenomenon is not treated with due seriousness, attention and firmness.
• This escalation of crimes requires the enactment of new laws or amendments to the existing laws to ensure that they are being dealt with firmness and to provide a comfortable margin to ensure that these laws deal comprehensively with these developments; along with prevention and immunization of society from the possibility of future occurrence.

قتلى وجرحى في أحدث إطلاق نار في جنوب السويد السابق

قتلى وجرحى في أحدث إطلاق نار في جنوب السويد

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السويد تحتاج عشرات الآلاف من الموظفين الجدد لرعاية المسنين

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