Ebba Busch Thor in reaffirming tone

"Christian Democrats are not afraid of others’ values"

"Christian Democrats are not afraid of others' values"
Ebba Busch Thor addressed Christian Democrat members in Örebro last week with her popularity among the party faithful at its highest since transforming the party's fortunes at the last election.

"She is young, energetic, not afraid of a fight and she has charisma. That is serving her and her party very well in the polls at the minute," says Södertörn University political scientist Nick Aylott to Radio Sweden.
He says whether her recent openness to work with the Sweden Democrats will mean significant changes in policy in the party is another question.
"This is a party that partly wants to sound angry about failing public services about the rising levels in crime and things that people in their constituencies feel unhappy about. On the other hand it has this charitable christian tradition and a hard policy on immigration in the same way as the Sweden Democrats would not win a lot of support internally," he adds.
In her speech referencing the readiness for talks with the Sweden Democrats, Ebba Busch Thor told members that the party "is not afraid of others’ values."
The Christian Democrats were convening for two days in Örebro with picking their candidates and policies for the EU election is on the table, according to the radio.

Thor reiterated previously that her party is willing to talk to all parties, including Sweden Democrats, meaning the end of the isolation of the nationalist Sweden Democrat party.

Thor said her decision is because of the changes since September’s election. The centre-right Alliance has broken up and so her party is looking to work with new partners in order to push through its policies.
Since the rapid growth of the Sweden Democrats more than 10 years ago, the other parties have usually said they would never work with them because of the party’s roots in far-right movements.
This decision had an echo, as Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson affirmed his party would work with all others on an as-needed basis.
Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson has proposed building a new right-wing alliance made up of his party, plus the Christian Democrats and the centre-right Moderates, something the other two parties have rejected.

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إغلاق مراكز لمكتب العمل في 130 بلدية

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