Consumer complaints more than double over canceled trips and events

Consumer complaints more than double over canceled trips and events
Trips and events that have been canceled due to the Corona pandemic have caused the number of complaints to the Board for Consumer Disputes to more than double.

The Consumer Disputes Board has received 2,900 complaints regarding trips since the first of March, which can be compared to 1,200 in the same period last year. 

This mainly concerns trips abroad. 

When it comes to events, like concerts and football matches, the number of complaints has gone from 700 in the same period last year, to 1,700. 

The increase is over 140 percent for events as well as trips.

Many companies refer to force majeure, something that is beyond their control, which means they don’t have to pay the money back. 

Marcus Isgren, the agency’s director, says they intend to test if this holds legally.
After a record year, campsites now brace for an uncertain summer

Last year was a record one for Swedish campsites but now the sector, like the rest of the tourism industry, is waiting to hear what safety measures will apply for the summer travel season.

The Public Health Agency is expected to announce its guidelines ‪on June 3rd.‬ 

In the meantime, several campground owners say the uncertainty caused by that wait is already showing up in their bookings.

According to the Swedish camping association SCR, which represents some 400 campsites nationally, bookings right now are at about 60 percent of what the industry would see during a normal year.

Even so, the association has not given up hope for an acceptable 2020 season.
Majority of travelers staying in Sweden for the summer, poll says

Summer vacation is in sight but many Swedes are giving up on the idea of traveling for their holidays.

A Novus survey carried out for broadcaster Swedish Television showed more than half of respondents saying they weren’t planning on having a normal summer break. 

Instead, 34 percent said they would stay home for the summer. 

And 25 percent said they were waiting for new guidelines from the Public Health Agency on summer travel.

For those planning a summer vacation, only 3 percent are hoping to head overseas.
And Swedish areas that are popular with tourists are already taking steps to prepare for an influx of visitors. 

Halland County on Sweden’s southwest coast is developing an app to reduce the risk of crowded beaches.

Source: Sveriges Radio

WHO stops clinical test for malaria drug hydroxychloroquine السابق

WHO stops clinical test for malaria drug hydroxychloroquine

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