Courts review "child protection" in Norway

Courts review "child protection" in Norway
In Norway, a debate is being held about the forced disposal of children.

The European Court of Justice has ruled in several judgments that Norway has violated the human rights of parents.

Ekot’s correspondent has met a little girl playing. When she was newborn, about five years ago, the girl was forcibly removed by the authorities.

Now the girl is also one of the main characters in some 30 cases where the European Court of Human Rights is reviewing decisions within the Norwegian "child welfare", the municipal authority with the task of protecting vulnerable children.

So far, seven judgments have come. In a total of five cases, Norway is considered to have violated the European Convention on Human Rights, including in a marked case involving the forced adoption of a small three-year-old boy.

Regarding the girl, the European Court of Justice said in a November ruling that the forced removal itself was OK. On the other hand, the judgment states that Norway violated the human rights of the biological parents in that they were only allowed to meet their daughter for a total of twelve hours a year, or two hours every two months.

In February, Norway’s highest court will try several cases around the child welfare service, in the light of the new judgments in the European Court of Justice.

Norway’s Child Welfare Center has also received international criticism following the forced removal of several children with links to other countries, especially in Eastern Europe.

However, Professor Marit Skivenes at Bergen University, who is researching children’s rights and social childcare, believes that Norway’s system is not at all extreme.

- Norway is quite similar to Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany and some other countries in terms of the number of children that the child welfare services move out of their homes.

In recent years, almost 1 percent of children in Norway have been placed with foster parents or at institutions, according to official statistics.


Courts review "child protection" in Norway السابق

Courts review "child protection" in Norway

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