Family congress raises controversy

Family congress raises controversy

In Verona, Italy, the International Family Congress, a conference on anti-abortion, was underway. The fact that Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and the Family Minister attended Congress has raised controversy. But the president of World congress of families, the American Brian Brown, believes the movement has been windy.

- Christian orthodox, Jews, Protestants or Mormons - it doesn’t matter. As long as we share the same idea about the family, says Brian Brown, president of the International Family Congress this year held in Verona.

Everyone talks about the natural family, many are against abortion, some believe homosexuality should be criminalized.

A small plastic doll was distributed - which was said to describe the size of a ten-week-old fetus.

That Italian Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and family minister Lorenzo Fontana participated - it has created a particular controversy.

That La Lega proposed a change in the abortion law - which was voted down - is still a way to put the issue of abortion on the agenda. Which is also one of Congress’s purposes. Not least for the election to the European Parliament, where value-conserving parties seem to have escaped.

The question also divides the Italian Government. The partner, the country’s second vice prime minister, Luigi Di Maio from the Five-Star Movement, calls the meeting in Verona for a decline to the Middle Ages.

Outside the conference rooms in Verona, the opponents demonstrate.

"We have been fighting for rights that we thought we had achieved once and for all," says Giulietta Di Pauli.

She shows her red necklace. It belonged to her mother.

- It was she who taught us to choose for myself, whether it be love, divorce or abortion, says Giulietta Di Pauli.

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