The youngest to receive the award

Greta Person of the Year from the Time

Greta Person of the Year from the Time
Greta Thunberg appointed Person of the Year by Time

As the first Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has been named person of the year by the American magazine Time.

Time writes, among other things, about Greta Thunberg that "she has succeeded in creating a global attitude shift and transforming millions of vague mid-night anxiety situations into a worldwide movement that requires urgent change."

Greta Thunberg commented on the appointment in the Times:

- I see myself as one of millions of others in this movement. People look up to me in some way and it obviously puts me in something of a difficult situation. People listen to me but I am not a leader or face outward for the climate movement, I am just one of many faces.

She is not only the first Swedish to be selected, she is also the youngest to receive the award.

- It’s actually very big. She gives a face to the whole environmental activism. This is a great appointment and she is also very young so this is very interesting, says Marie Grusell, media researcher at the University of Gothenburg.

Sweden’s Minister of Industry Ibrahim Baylan (S) is not surprised that Greta Thunberg receives the award.

- I’m not surprised considering the enormous power she has gained in her movement. I notice it abroad, only last week when I was in India her name came up when we were welcomed. This is more a confirmation of the status she has received globally, he tells TT.

US politician Al Gore has praised the election in social media:

“Brilliant decision by Time to choose Greta Thunberg as person of the year. Greta embodies the moral compass of the young activists, who demand that we act immediately to resolve the climate crisis. She is an inspiration to me and to people all over the world. ”

Other nominees this year were Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, the "Whistleblower" (in the court process against Trump) and those protesting in Hong Kong.

The person of the year award has been awarded since 1927 by Time. The award will go to the person, group, movement or other that - for good or bad - has been the most influential in the world during the past year.

Source: Sveriges Radio

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