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Humanitarian aid has many faces

Humanitarian aid has many faces
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Humanitarian aid has many faces: Samuel Larsson in Beira, Mozambique

Foreign Chronicle

Beira Friday.

Here, in the center of the disaster, it becomes clearer than never before that humanitarian aid has many faces. So many expressions.

I came here to the difficult cyclone and flood-affected Beira yesterday. A city where everything is missing: electricity, mobile networks, sanitation - and soon maybe even food and clean water. Where electrical wires lie like gordic knots on the roads, where trees and roof tiles have flown far. Where almost all the land around the city is under water. Where the need is enormous.

As an anomaly in all chaos, the flights go as they should, and already at the airport it became clear: relief work takes many forms. I stood there in the humid heat and waited for my bag. The old luggage belt squeaked and kneaded and I looked distractedly at what all other passengers checked in. On the tape, sacks of rice slowly rolled up. Dunk with oil. Cartons of water bottles. Corn flour, wrapped bales with clothes, sanitary napkins and diapers. Everything with the airline’s neatly affixed luggage labels.

I have never seen anything like a baggage belt. Beira is a big city, everyone knows someone here. Those who had the opportunity to fly here have all taken the chance to bring some material help. To loved ones, or to anyone on the street. A drop in the sea of ​​course, but a sign virtually anything that humanitarian aid alongside the big players are also many people’s collective individual efforts.

Yesterday I received reports that my own daughter, together with her school class, is standing in the harbor down in the capital Maputo and loading emergency aid on a container boat that is going to sail here. Drives of supplies donated by maputobor of all varieties. Commitment is huge. And in the middle of hectic job chaos here in Beira, the cardboard heart beats a double stroke.

When I was standing there on Wednesday and box after the box of supplies slowly rolled up on the left luggage belt, a bunch of South African surfers came out to a waiting helicopter. Dressed in wetsuit, helmets and with ropes and harnesses thrown over the shoulder. An old tattooed veteran only had a helmet and swimwear. They are the ones who in shuttles travel out and save people from tree tops and rooftops. A life-threatening and life-saving work.

They penetrate the shock of passengers. An old woman with trolley loaded with rice bags slowly starts clapping her hands. Soon the whole passenger car applauds and the surface bars disappear into the helicopter.

The band sneaks further, and suddenly it rolls past a box of wine. If the alternative was even more food and supplies, one can of course have opinions on the prioritization. But someone obviously did not accept that everything would just be misery here in the center of the disaster.

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