It needs attention and analysis

Is it a good sign or not ?

Is it a good sign or not ?
The digital shift will mean many companies and stores will have to change the way they currently do business if they want to stay profitable.

Shopkeepers fear 11,000 stores could close due to digital shopping

A new report by the Swedish Trade Federation is forecasting thousands of high street store closures and redundancies by 2030.

Radio Sweden spoke to Mats Hedenström at the Swedish Trade Federation about which kinds of shops will be hit, and which are more likely to survive.

The first question was about Is this already happening ?

He said : Yes absolutely especially if you take within electronics. They decided very early to compete and get market shares. I grew up here and some brands do not exist anymore”.

Digitalization is making people rethink their businesses.

Hedenström added: “in Durable goods it would be tough especially outside the growing areas”

Gloomy forecast for traditional retailers as online sales soar

The pace of online sales has quickened over the 2017 year, which means trouble for some brick and mortar retail shops, according to a 2018 report from the Swedish Trade Federation.

In 2017, 1 out of 10 retail purchases were made online and Swedes spent a record SEK 80 billion on websites or mobile phone apps. And much of the growth in the retail industry in 2017 came from online sales. Convenience and lower prices are said to be two key reasons why online sales have risen so much.

Source: Swedish Radio

Is it a good sign or not ? السابق

Is it a good sign or not ?

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