:Police chief in Malmö

Long-awaited and welcomed tool

Long-awaited and welcomed tool
Mattias Sigfridsson, Deputy Chief in the Malmö Police Area, welcomes the bill to give the police extended opportunities for secret data reading. "It's a long-awaited and welcome tool for us," he says.

Mattias Sigfridsson is positive about the bill on secret data reading presented by the government on Tuesday. He believes that a shooting death in Malmö could have been prevented if the police had had the opportunity to intercept encrypted electronic communication, which is what is proposed in the bill.

- In the assassination of Ramel’s Road 2017, where the trial was recently concluded in the District Court, we see that even though we had interception on the phone in question, we could not prevent that crime. All information about planning and instigating was in the encrypted communication. If we had access to it, we would have had a chance to prevent that crime, he says.

"Have prepared us for the law"
He says that there is almost always encrypted communication in the crime of criminal networks. Among the evidence against the four men charged with the murder of Ramel’s road are encrypted messages that the police were able to extract from a cellphone with the help of a company. But it is a technology that is both technically difficult and expensive for the police - according to Mattias Sigfridsson, it costs SEK 20,000-30,000 per telephone.

Are there any technical conditions for using the new methods?
- Yes, I think we have. After all, we have followed the development of the investigation and have prepared ourselves through international collaboration. Many other countries in the EU, in the Europol cooperation, have this legislation before so we have been able to learn from them and prepare for this law.

Source: SVT.se

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