Increasing difficulty

Monitoring criminals

Monitoring criminals
It is increasingly difficult to monitor criminal suspects,according to a Swedish radio report.

Suspected criminals are switching phones more often, making police surveillance work more difficult. This year, the number of applications for secret surveillance increased, despite the fact that the number of persons suspected of crime is the same as in previous years.
- Prosecutors have continued to collect information in the hope that they will receive information that is valuable to the investigation. It is not clear whether that Does make any difference. That’s what Chief Prosecutor Mats Svensson says, who wrote the Prosecutor’s Office’s report on secret coercive measures.

There it is possible to see how the number of supervised persons has remained at approximately the same level in the last five years. At the same time, the number of licenses for secret telephone surveillance has become more than twice as many. In 2013, the number of permits was just under 4000, last year the corresponding figure was just over 9,000.

One explanation is that the suspects change phones more and more often, according to the prosecutor’s office.

- Criminals are aware that their phones can be intercepted so they avoid talking on sensitive data over the phone. Instead, more communication is via chat applications and the like.

The surveillance covers both telephone tapping, but also camera and sound recording and requires special permission from the court. Despite the low results, investigators continue to apply for a license for telephone surveillance.

Mats Svensson wants to see a change of law to access the problem.

- There is an investigation into secret data reading that allows you to access communication via apps, for example. Our hope is that there will be legislation on it and that we will have the opportunity to use that tool in the future.

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