REVEALED: The gangs that have TERRORIZED Sweden

None of them are newly arrived migrants.

None of them are newly arrived migrants.
The last years Sweden has been terrorized by gangs. Now the newspaper Expressen has revealed who is behind these gangs that are causing chaos on the streets.

With the increasing violent gang crime in Sweden, police have launched Operation Rimfrost to tackle this problem.

On the Stockholm police focus list there are 32 men that police say have a strategic importance in organized crime networks.

These criminal gangs have terrorized Sweden with shootings, bombings and other serious crimes.

Just last year Sweden saw a record number of 257 bombings, which is unique for a country that is not at war.

In 2018, a 63 year old man was blown up by a hand grenade in a Stockholm suburb.
Who are these 32 men that police have on their focus list?

15 of these men are born in Sweden and are second generation migrants. One of them has a Swedish parent according to Swedish registry information.

The remaining 17 gang leaders migrated to Sweden as children. None of them are newly arrived migrants.

The notorious problem area Rinkeby, which has been called a no-go zone by some, is a symbol of Swedish integration politics.

Here there are conflicts between several gangs, one of them is called “Shottaz”, and another is called the “Death patrol” which is a rival gang.

Other gangs in the area are “24K”, “Husby Hyenas” and the “Tensta network”.

The last four years some ten people have been murdered and several injured in shootings in Rinkeby and nearby areas.

Last summer the “Death patrol” was suspected of being behind four murders, which caused police to implement “code red”.

It went so far that several masked men opened fire at car in Copenhagen in the neighboring country of Denmark. Two people died in the shooting.

A man from the “Death patrol” was arrested by Danish police for the shooting. One of the victims was from the rival gang “Shottaz”.

In November last year, Denmark introduced border controls with Sweden to stop criminals from entering the country.

This came after several bombings in Denmark, one in which the Danish tax offices were targeted. A Swedish man was arrested for that attack.

“We want to protect ourselves from the criminality that we see in Sweden” said Jeppe Brus of the Social Democrats.

In 2019, police had designated 60 areas as “vulnerable areas”. Notorious Rinkeby where the “Death patrol” is involved in gang conflicts, is on this list.

Some have called the “vulnerable areas” for no-go zones.

The 60 minutes crew were attacked in Rinkeby when attempting to make a report from the area.


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