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Norway to allow dual citizenship

Norway to allow dual citizenship
Norway is to allow dual citizenship from January 1st 2020

That means foreign residents who qualify for Norwegian nationalization can apply without having to give up their existing passport or citizenship.

Similarly, Norwegians will be able to apply for citizenship in other countries without having to renounce their Norwegian citizenship.

“By allowing dual citizenship, we are ensuring that Norwegian law is keeping up with developments in a more globalized world where increasing numbers of people have a connection to more than one country,” Minister of Education and Integration Jan Tore Sanner said in a press statement.

The Norwegian parliament, Stortinget, last year passed a government proposal to allow dual citizenship. That decision was approved at ministerial level on Friday for implementation on January 1st.

Additionally, Norwegians who have previously given up their citizenship in order to take citizenship in other countries will be offered a simplified process to regain their Norwegian nationality.

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (Utlendingsdirektoratet, UDI) will process citizenship applications from both foreign citizens and former Norwegian citizens, the Ministry of Education and Integration confirmed.

Source: The Local

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