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Covid-19 deaths top 4,000 but :

Overall situation in Sweden "getting better"

 Overall situation in Sweden "getting better"
Sweden on Monday saw its Covid-19 death toll pass 4,000, but State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell said that the overall situation in Sweden "was getting better

Tegnell told reporters at the daily Public Health Agency briefing that there were fewer people being admitted to intensive care units, a drop in the number of cases being reported in nursing homes, and fewer deaths in nursing homes.

Over half of Sweden’s recorded 4,029 Covid-19 deaths have occurred in nursing homes or other elderly care facilities and Anders Tegnell told Swedish Radio on Sunday that a mandatory lockdown would not have saved more lives.

"I am not sure we could have done much more. Elderly care in Sweden has been discussed for many years and weaknesses in quality have been pointed out," Tegnell said, adding that people in care homes need to come in contact with many different carers on a daily basis.
Nordic’s concern about Covid-19 spread in Sweden

Norway and Finland are looking to open their borders for the tourist season and are said to be considering retaining travel restrictions on Sweden.

In Denmark, several opposition parties want to open to Germans and Norwegians, but not to Swedes.

"We can see that Sweden has a good overview of the situation and it’s transparent. We speak to our Nordic colleagues weekly and there are ongoing discussions on how to lift the restrictions in the best way," Line Vold, department director for infection disease control and preparedness at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, tells Radio Sweden.

Source: Sveriges Radio

WHO stops clinical test for malaria drug hydroxychloroquine السابق

WHO stops clinical test for malaria drug hydroxychloroquine

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