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Retailers need a rescue plan if the government closes them, says federation.

Retailers need a rescue plan if the government closes them, says federation.
The Swedish Trade Federation, which represents Sweden's retail industry, has reacted to the government's proposal to allow it to take drastic measures to combat the spread of the corona virus.

The Federation says with any new powers the government takes on there must be compensation for companies that may be hit hard by such measures.

The government wants new emergency powers such as being able to order the closure of shops and restaurants and other businesses where people congregate, and the proposal is currently being fast-tracked through the process of consultation with relevant bodies.

The Trade Federation is not part of that process, but its president Karin Johansson says the law needs to be accompanied by a rescue plan for shops and other businesses that will be affected as exists in other Nordic countries.

The retail industry is already struggling with a dramatic fall in demand, some shopping malls in central city areas having lost some 70 per cent of their customers.

Stockholm’s inner city stores are the worst hit, says the Federation’s Karin Johansson.
Three out of ten durables retailers could soon go out of business

A survey by the Swedish Trade Federation shows that retailers of consumer durables are facing dark days ahead, with many saying they will be out of business within months.

The Swedish Trade Federation, which represents retail companies, says three out of ten sellers of consumer durables - that is products that consumers don’t buy on a daily basis - could go out of business in the next two months.

The Federation has carried out a survey of 900 of its members to investigate the effects of the corona crisis on the industry, and several of those asked said they could be out of business within one month.

Every second company asked said they had lost 40 per cent of their trade, and some put the figure closer to 80 percent.
"Black Friday every day" for supermarket deliveries

As people stay indoors to avoid spreading the novel coronavirus, we hear how supermarket delivery services are feeling greater demand.

Fabiola Wikström is the head of e-commerce at supermarket chain Hemköp. 

She says they are seeing a level of orders usually only seen during holidays.

Companies that offer home delivery from restaurants are also reporting more demand, with both Foodora and Wolt telling Radio Sweden that struggling restaurants see delivery services as a way to keep serving people during the corona outbreak.
source: Swedish Radio

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