Austrian elections: exit polls show collapse in far-right support

The greens emerge significantly

The greens emerge significantly
Support for Austria’s Freedom party (FPÖ) has plunged by more than a third as voters punished the far-right group in national elections for a corruption scandal that brought down the government.

Sebastian Kurz likely to return as chancellor with party tipped for best result since 2002

The former chancellor Sebastian Kurz looks certain to reclaim his position as the youngest leader in the world after his People’s party (ÖVP) secured 37.1% of the vote, according to exit polls – its best result since 2002.
The Green party was the other big winner on Sunday, achieving its best result at national elections with 14%. The centre-left Social Democratic party (SPÖ) plummeted to a historically low 21.8% but was still the second-biggest party.

The FPÖ – whose former leader Heinz-Christian Strache resigned in May after a covertly filmed video showed the then vice-chancellor offering lucrative public contracts in exchange for campaign support to a woman he believed to be the niece of a Russian oligarch – came third with 16%, a drop of about 10 percentage points.

Since June, Austria has been led by a caretaker government headed by the constitutional lawyer Brigitte Bierlein, after Kurz became the first chancellor in the country’s modern history to be removed from office by a no-confidence vote.

But the result on Sunday shows Kurz, who became foreign minister aged 27 and has reshaped the ÖVP in his image since he took over the party’s leadership in 2017, has emerged largely unscathed from what is known as the “Ibiza scandal”.

The Green party, which in 2017 failed to get over the 4% threshold for the first time since 1983, gained 10.2 percentage points to re-enter parliament, fuelling speculation Kurz could invite it to form a government.

Source: The Guardian

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