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The swedish defense minister warns

The swedish defense minister warns
Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist (S) is concerned that information in Swedish media is picked up and used in, for example, Russian disinformation.

The Minister of Defense believes that the media needs to be better equipped for a crisis situation.

- I see what the current situation looks like, where there is an enormous amount of activity going on in social media and in other contexts that are used for certain purposes to reach us and divide societies. And that is just a taste of what it can be in a real crisis situation, says Peter Hultqvist.

Swedish media needs to prepare for how they would act if there was a real crisis, for example if Sweden were to be attacked, Hultqvist says. He also welcomes the proposal to establish a new psychological defense authority, which is currently being investigated.

- I think it is important that we get a psychological defense authority in Sweden where you can have a direct channel where you from the state power give information.

But here also the media should be prepared for such a situation so that you do not end up in a position where you can be exploited by the hostile forces, says Peter Hultqvist.

Source : Swedish Radio

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