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Welfare is increasingly a game plan for organized crime

Welfare is increasingly a game plan for organized crime
Organized crime is increasingly focused on welfare crimes. This is evidenced by a new situation picture from twelve authorities

- Basically, it’s about those parts of our welfare where there is a lot of money are attractive for organized crime. Because it is a way for them to generate white income, and for us it is very much assistance compensation and the dental care system, says Per Eleblad, insurance director at Försäkringskassan.

The joint government initiative, focusing on organized crime, was launched in 2009 and now twelve authorities are participating in the collaboration.

Today, a picture of work was presented, and in general crime has not become more extensive in recent years, but in some areas it is increasing.

One such area is welfare crime. Another change is that violent crime is gaining ground in business and that government officials are exposed to threats of organized crime.

- It works in such a way that an individual official who is going to make a decision can refrain from making that decision because he or she has been subjected to threats of violence, or in other ways known pressure, says police Linda H Staff, who is chairman of the government cooperation.

- Even if there is no violence or threat of violence specifically directed, it can nevertheless mean that one fears not to make decisions that are negative for an individual. This is what we call self-censorship.

Last spring, the Office of the Auditor General presented a review of this government-wide initiative against organized crime. It showed that the government’s governance has been unclear and without coordination. Deficiencies in the follow-up also mean that the effects of the efforts cannot be evaluated, according to the OAG.

source : Sverige radio

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