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Why overreact to everything that is different?

Why overreact to everything that is different?
We react in many ways to whatever is different or what we think may be different.

The majority of people’s reactions tend to be fearful of what we think that may pose a threat to us, whether it is a matter of health, economy, security or society.

However, Some people may be excused for their ( exaggerated ) reactions, as we tend to be so emotional in dealing with these matters to the point that we may differ in our eventual position, since a cross section study would refer to a fewer people ending up in the median region : dealing with these issues in a balanced way.

This fear or contradictory feeling may lead to positive or negative behaviors, depending on the person’s appreciation, his/her understanding of the society, the cultural background, and the past experiences in dealing with similar or different situations.

All this may look normal.

The danger lies in another behavior, which is termed as “ stereotyping” in perceiving the other.

The Aftonbladet newspaper published on its website an article about what happened to a Swedish woman, who lived in the Norwegian capital Oslo for 23 years. She felt at home all the way, as she said in her statement to the website. But since the day Sweden and Norway chose two different paths in the Corona crisis, Åsa found herself isolated further away from her Norwegian comrades and friends.

Åsa adds that she believes she is viewed by Norwegians as a "super spreader of Corona", even though she has barely set foot in her native country in the last six months.

I have never felt less at home than in the country that I call home. She says I will find it difficult to forgive Norway for that.
Suddenly I felt that those 23 years were no longer counted, they had all disappeared in March.”

When the Swedish province of Skåne was classified as a yellow district by the Norwegian authorities, Åsa visited her 81-year-old father in a small village south of Skåne.

"Then it looked like I had brought the plague."

Åsa tells the site that she is disappointed because she believes she has given so much to Norway over the years, especially through her career as a nurse. Norway has certainly given her a lot as well, adding, "I will find it difficult to forgive Norway for that."

This last sentence is the bottom line, as when anyone feels that he has been stereotyped, this necessarily means that he will be dealt with in an unfair way, as stereotyping tends often to be negative in the sense that is a judgmental path taken in order to avoid dealing with the other in any way by convincing oneself and the surroundings ( through forming a public opinion, which is approved by passing and indoctrinating) that this party is bad and should be avoided.

People are often stereotyped on social, economic, ethical, religious and security grounds.

Stereotyping is a wrong treatment that separates people and increases the widening of the gaps between them.

Why overreact to everything that is different? السابق

Why overreact to everything that is different?

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