Shock and awe

Worldwide Condemnation, condolences and strengthening

Worldwide Condemnation, condolences and strengthening
Prime Minister Stefan Löfven condemned the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, in a brief press conference on Friday. "It is a cowardly and heinous crime," he said, according to Radio Sweden.

The radio added that the prime minister did not want to comment on the information that the suspected terrorist was motivated to his actions, as some kind of revenge for the death of an 11-year-old girl in the 2017 terrorist attack in Stockholm.

The radio also added that the attacks on the two Christchurch mosques, which left at least 49 dead, has strongly affected those attending Friday prayers at mosques in Sweden.

"It was terrible to wake-up and hear this news. I felt that it could have been any mosque in Sweden or anywhere in the West. This is what we get when we have extremists setting the agenda, talking about us and them," says Omar Mustafa, a former member of the Social Democrats, who was attending prayers at a mosque in Stockholm to the radio.

The attack comes at a time where Sweden’s security service Säpo warned that the white power movement and the far-left autonomous movement are posing "a more long-term threat [involving] the systematic use of violence, threats and intimidation in order to overthrow or change Sweden’s democratic form of government".

The Swedish website in English, the local, mentioned that though Säpo still considers violent Islamism as posing the biggest threat, but added that the threat had not grown since last year and that it still believed few of its followers actually have any intentions to carry out attacks in Sweden.

The website quoted Klas Friberg, head of the security service saying in the fresh report of the agency "A xenophobic and radical nationalist current is on the rise in Sweden, where we can see that the white power movement and unorganized xenophobic groups are starting to approach each other," adding that it was "closely monitoring these developments as part of our remit to prevent crime and protect Swedish democracy".

According to New Zealand police, 49 people have been killed in a terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand. . About 50 people are injured.

"New Zealand has been attacked for representing diversity," said new Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The magnitude, timing and manner in which the attack has been carried out have raised a growing sense of concern in the security services, which are keen to protect countries, fearing any repercussions for this and other events on social peace and thus seeking to face terrorism in all of its forms and sources.

Social network platforms have deleted the video that was streamed online, which was described as extremely ugly.

Moreover, the attacker has posted his manifesto online. In a 70-page statement, the Christchurch assailant said that Europe is witnessing an invasion of millions of migrants across its borders, leading to the total elimination of European race and cultural heritage. Claiming that he represents millions of Europeans who said they hope to live on their land and practice their traditions, describing immigrants as invaders who aim to occupy the land of his people and eliminate his race. Although the attacker admitted that what he was doing was racist and terrorist, but said that it was justified to target the occupation force, labeling the new comers as traitors and invaders.

The terrorist attack comes at a sensitive time in which many nations , formed by a wide spectrum of races and religious affiliations seek to establish the concept of good citizenship and live in democracy and fraternity in a world torn by ethnic, religious and regional rivals.

إدانة دولية، ورغبة في تفويت الفرصة على الإرهابيين مهما كانوا السابق

إدانة دولية، ورغبة في تفويت الفرصة على الإرهابيين مهما كانوا

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وسائط تواصل و قوى كبرى

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